The store, multistore and multiview

One of the distinguishing features in Magento is its powerful multistore and multiview system.

Multiview: Mainly used to convert the web site to multilanguage. Depending on the customer's country of origin, in addition to shop in his own language, you can show him different products, deals, advertising...

Multistore: Controlling multiple stores with only one administration system. You can check and sell your products in different stores but without managing different stocks, order manager...

An experience for your customers

With Magento you can have a 100% customized store to be an unique experience in your frontend access.

Options like compare products, filter by different fields, search by keywords, remember your last visited products... can help your customers to find and buy the product they want.

Try a Magento Store

We offer you a test store, fully functional, to check the management in a Magento store. Check the navigation as a customer and the benefits of its powerful and complete manager.